Group Communication – Make it personal!

Group communication is not only a great time saver when you need to run invoices, let people know about changes to swimming lessons, or you have an event you want to promote, but is also a really easy way to provide excellent customer service to your swimmers when you have to cancel a lesson.

If you have to write and send emails to all of your swimmers on a specific day, you would need to work out who to send to, compose the emails, and then send them all – if you have to send a group email using your email facility with no software in place, this either means writing a LOT of individual emails, or sending out a group email which is generic and impersonal.  And if you need to cancel lessons on the day the email is being sent, you run the risk of parents not checking their emails, and still arriving at the pool – having had a wasted trip and potentially being disgruntled by the time they arrive!

Text messages are brilliant for contacting people if you need to get information to them urgently, as they are more likely to be alerted to a text message than an email, whilst emails are great for getting in touch about issues which are less urgent.  But as with emails – if you are having to send out a text to a group of people, you either have to write out individual text messages, or send an impersonal generic message – all of which is again time consuming, when you potentially do not have time to spare.

With SwimSoft Online and MOR Leisure Software solutions, using the “Group Actions” function, not only is it simple to filter down a group you want to communicate with (by day / teacher / class type etc) but both email and text can be personalised, so that each message looks like it has been individually written to the recipient!

The email function on the software also offers the ability to add attachments – so if you want to send out a poster for an event, new terms and conditions, or in fact any other document, in a few taps of a screen or clicks of a mouse, you can send your communication out to the people you want to reach, whether that be 5 or 500 people. 

The “Group Actions” function allows you to run several other processes en mass – including raising credits.  So, if you have had to cancel lessons, and the swimmer is due a refund, it is as quick and simple as sending the group cancellation!

However you choose to communicate with your clients, it is good to let them know how you will be getting in touch with them either from when they come on board with you, or you make any changes.  If swimmers know that in the case of a lesson cancellation you will be sending a text message, then they will know to keep an eye on their phone for example.  Or, if the weather forecast is predicting snow in a few days, send a group email out with some “Severe Weather Procedures” on – let people know what will happen in the event of snow – Will the pool open?  Will the site be accessible?  Will teachers be able to get to the school?  If people know in advance that if it snows, “x”, “y” and “z” will happen, and that if your lessons may have to be cancelled, they will know to keep an eye out for a message, and already be aware that if snow is heading your way, that there is a chance lessons will not happen.

Documents which you might need in a hurry, such as “Severe Weather Procedures” which you may need to use again can all be prepared and saved, then simply attached to emails when you need to use them.

If you have any questions, or would like to see how SwimSoft Online and MOR Leisure can help reduce the time spent on administration, whilst enabling you to keep the “personal touch” with your communication, please get in touch!

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