Supporting Your Teaching Staff with Lesson Manager

Lesson Manager offers;

✓Easy use -without synchronisation
✓Smart Start* (course data at your fingertips in seconds)
✓No possibility of losing data
✓Access from anywhere, on any web enabled device
✓Planning, making notes and corrections
✓No data protection breach if device is lost or stolen

Why use a pool side app, and more importantly, why use this one?

There are varying schools of thought about the use of tablets / ipods / phones on pool side, with the primary concerns centred around teachers being distracted by, or spending too long on the device, whilst trying to find what they need. With it’s roots in the leisure industry – and more specifically swim schools – MOR Solutions Ltd recognises these concerns, and has built SwimSoft Online which includes Lesson Manager – a web app with Smart Start* – around them. There are other apps and software options on the market, however, because of our background and knowledge and industry experience, we are able to offer solutions which assist with real swim school issues and needs. If you already use an app on poolside, you will know that in many cases devices need to be synchronised before they can be used, and if they are not handled correctly, the data can be lost. The web app is simple to use, and works in a way which means that the teacher actually saves time leaving them to do what they do best – TEACH! Finally, SwimSoft Online gives teaching staff access to the key data they need so they can access the system from home to make corrections and prepare for future lessons, without allowing them access to sensitive or restricted information such as financials and contact details.

What if I lose or damage the device I have been working on?

Lesson Manager can be used on any web enabled device, with all of the information stored remotely. The first and possibly most important benefit of this is that data is transferred to our servers continually and not stored on the device, so if the hardware fails, no data is lost – we have everything stored safely for you. If your device is lost or stolen, there is no need to notify the authorities about data loss, because your data security (and in turn your integrity) has not been compromised. If you have devices which belong to the swim school, and a teacher accidentally takes one home at the end of the day, you can use any other web enabled device while you await it’s return.

Can more than one person work on the software at once? And how quickly after I enter something on the system will other users be able to see it?

SwimSoft Online as a complete software package works in real time, as does Lesson Manager, and the two work in parallel – there is no need to sync or be limited to specific devices. If a child is added on to a class two minutes before the start of a lesson, once the teacher opens their register page, they will see the new addition and not be surprised by an extra person on pool side!

What if I have to cover another teachers lesson?

Each teacher’s log-in gives them not only the ability to see all of their own lessons for the day, but also those of other teachers. If a lesson needs to be covered, they can simply select the lesson they are taking, and see the register, any health notes, as well as where each swimmer is achievement and ability wise – meaning the lesson is not wasted, and can still be productive.

Wont a pool side app be more time consuming and more distracting than using paper?

Lesson Manager uses Smart Start to take teachers to their current lesson, allowing them to quickly and simply mark attendance, and review children’s progress. Once you have entered your 4-digit security PIN you will be looking at a list of students on your course (or their progression data). The user can then see all of the information they require for the lesson – and nothing more – keeping information concise and teacher centric. There is no reason for marking attendance and progress to take any longer or more complicated on Lesson Manager than it would be using paper – in fact, it should save you time.

How does the information feedback from Lesson Manager to SwimSoft Online?

As previously mentioned, SwimSoft Online and Lesson Manager work in parallel with each other, in real time. As progress is updated on the web app, it can be seen in the main software. This also helps with feeding information back to parents, as it is linked in to a progress report for each swimmer, which then has the option to have a teacher add a comment, and then be emailed or printed off.

Devices are not permitted on pool side, so how is this of benefit to us?

If you are unable to use devices on pool side, you can still ask teachers to log in for a few minutes each day and update registers and syllabus sheets from their paper records. They can do this from any web enabled device, and by spending this little bit of time doing this each day, when it comes to the end of a term or teaching block, your administrators aren’t presented with a pile of tatty, water stained, smudged pieces of paper to decipher and update on the system. By keeping Lesson Manager up to date, producing progress reports becomes a simple task, with only a comment to add. Being able to access the web app from anywhere means teachers can plan lessons, update information, or review their classes from work or home (or in fact, anywhere else with an internet connection!)

There is certain information I would not want teachers to see – how does Lesson Manager control this?

Teachers only have access to registers, syllabus sheets and notes when using Lesson Manager. This is for two reasons – firstly, so that they only have what they need available to them, and can concentrate on their lesson rather than searching for what they need, and secondly, to keep sensitive information visible to only authorised personnel.

For more information, or to see a SwimSoft Online / Lesson Manager demonstration, please call 01264 729292 or email

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