Direct Debit Factsheet

New Direct Debit Management System

We are very excited to let clients know that we have just upgraded our Direct Debit Management System.  The new system is based on real-world requests from our existing clients, it enables a single user to manage all the collections being made by an organisation – across all locations and activities, or filtered down to specific activity and or location.  This upgrade adds new clarity and more flexibility too!

Users will also be able to see requested collections and their status, enabling them to take timely action should payment become overdue.  This aspect of the upgrade will assist all swim schools that collect fees by direct debit via SwimSoft Online.

The upgrade also makes it even easier to change one or all collection dates to suit either the business or client needs – taking only seconds to action.

Download our fact sheet for detailed information or call 01264 729292 or email

Direct Debit fact sheet link here

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