Is your Direct Debit collections system fit for purpose?

If you are an administrator in the world of swimming, you’re probably very familiar with the concept of collecting fees by direct debit using schedules.  What not many people are aware of is that SwimSoft Online contains facilities not found in other solutions, designed to reduce administrators workload significantly.  For example, if you are using a basic collection system it is quite common to have to set up a payment schedule for each client that joins the swim school.  If you’re using SwimSoft Online this step is skipped – the client is simply emailed their booking information and asked to follow a link to authorise collections.  This is all done automatically meaning every time you get a new swimmer your administrator has one less task to perform.  Whether you are a swim school managing 200 or 1000 plus swimmers this simple process will end up saving you a considerable amount of work and time.

When it comes to Direct Debit SwimSoft Online’s real time saving and pain reduction comes if the payment amount needs to be changed.  Many systems require you to change each clients schedule individually to reduce or increase a collection amount – a process we know can take hours if not days to complete – but SwimSoft Online’s systems achieve the same results in just minutes.

It is a common misconception that Direct Debit collections need to be made monthly, and or for the same amount each time.  This is not the case if you’re using SwimSoft Online!  With SwimSoft Online you can collect what you want, when you want – you control payment amount and collection dates, take a whole term’s fees in one collection or spread them out.  It is down to you to decide how you use the system with your business.

Download our Direct Debit Collections  ‘Tool kit’ and ‘Features’  fact sheet here.  It’s designed to show SwimSoft Online’s key features and how they help save time and money whilst reducing your workload.

You may be surprised how much time can be saved billing, collecting and reconciling fees!

Download our fact sheet for detailed information or call 01264 729292 or email info@morsolutions.co.uk

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